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Agricultural Injuries and Personal Injury Claims

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Catastrophic Injuries

In Georgia, agriculture is one of the common sources of employment. There are thousands of farms in the state, covering millions of acres of land. But agriculture can also be one of the most dangerous professions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 100 agricultural workers across the country suffer a significant injury every day. This is largely due to the fact that farming and ranching often involve heavy machinery and isolated work environments. An injury related to farm work can be life altering, affecting the victim and their family for years to come. 

Work Hazards Related to Farming and Agriculture

Agricultural workers face a number of work-related risks every day. There are respiratory hazards from exposure to grain, mold, gases, and pesticides. If a farmworker is in an enclosed space that contains toxic gases, they can suffocate. Farmers may be injured due to a fall from a piece of equipment, storage structure, or farm building. Or, they might be hurt by a cattle, pig, sheep, or other livestock that is acting out. There are also weather-related risks, repetitive motion issues, and a lack of sanitary conditions. But probably the most common and serious cause of work-related injuries is related to tractors and other motorized farm vehicles such as delivery trucks.

Liability in Georgia Farming Accidents

If a farmworker, agricultural worker, or rancher is injured in an accident, the effects can be devastating. Their injuries may prevent them from returning to work, require ongoing medical treatment, or even decrease the person’s quality of life. If another person or entity was responsible for the farming accident, the injured party may be able to hold them liable for lost wages, loss of work, medical bills, and other damages associated with their injuries. 

Some examples of negligence and liability in farm accidents include when the employer, farm owner, farm operator, or equipment manufacturer:

  • did not properly train the worker to use the farm equipment;
  • removed safety devices from the farm equipment;
  • did not have adequate warning labels on the farm equipment;
  • knew a piece of farm equipment was broken or faulty, but continued to use it;
  • did not properly repair a piece of farming equipment; or
  • failed to manufacture a safe product.

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Have you or someone you love been injured in an agricultural accident? The King Firm is here to help. Our founding attorney has roots in farming and understands how dangerous agricultural work can be. J.L. King, II is a seasoned trial lawyer who grew up on farms in Georgia and is familiar with many of the day-to-day tasks farmers face, giving the added advantage of first-hand agricultural knowledge. We are also familiar with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations that are applicable to farms. These rules are often ignored, leading to serious and sometimes fatal injuries.

With a South Georgia agricultural injury lawyer from our firm by your side, you have the opportunity to recover the money you need for medical bills and lost wages. The King Firm proudly represents clients in Tifton, Valdosta, Albany, Waycross and all South Georgia communities. We provide free consultations and our staff is fluent in Spanish. Call us today at (229) 515-8585.

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