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How To Avoid Auto Accidents Over The Holidays

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

The holiday season is one of the busiest travel times of the year, with millions of people hitting the roads, looking forward to spending some quality time with their families and loved ones. However, the more people there are on Georgia’s roads, the more likely that these vehicles will be involved in some sort of accident. In The King Firm’s latest blog, we are sharing advice on how to avoid auto accidents over the winter holidays.

Be Prepared for an Increase in Traffic

The time frame between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is one of the busiest for drivers. There is a significant increase in traffic and congestion as people try to navigate the roadways for their holiday shopping, vacations, parties, and other events. With all the excitement surrounding the season, motorists may be more focused on their holiday plans and To Do list than what is happening on the roads surrounding them. So, it is important to stay focused and to pay attention to the road conditions as well as other vehicles. When drivers take their seats behind the wheel, they should be well-rested and ready to give their full attention to the road. 

Prep Your Car for Winter Weather

One of the best ways to avoid an auto accident during the winter holidays is to make sure that your vehicle is prepped for winter weather and any changes in driving conditions. Before you leave your home, check the battery and ignition system; make sure your car vehicle starts up appropriately. Take a look at the vehicle’s tires; you want to make sure that the wheels are properly inflated and that the tread is in good shape. Clear any frost, snow, or ice from the vehicle’s roof, hood, trunk, and headlights. You might want to switch your vehicle to winter-grade motor oil, and wiper fluid to make sure the cooler temperatures do not cause the fluids to freeze. Once you are on the road, keep a safe distance from other vehicles, and be aware of possible icy patches in shaded spots or on bridges.

Do Not Drink and Drive

The holiday season is filled with work parties, family get-togethers, and other celebrations. Many of these events have alcohol at them. If you are planning on drinking, make sure that you do not get behind the wheel. Have an alternative way of getting home. 

U.S. drivers have a one in three chance of being in an alcohol-related collision at some point in their lives. In Georgia, about 25% of all fatal collisions are blamed on alcohol and driving under the influence. Alcohol reduces a person’s brain functioning by impairing their thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination – all of which are necessary to safely operate a vehicle. The more a person drinks, the more their nervous system is impaired, and the greater their risk of getting in an alcohol-related accident. 

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