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Parking lots—with busy entrances and exits, tight turns and a high volume of pedestrians—are prime spots for collisions. Fortunately, parking lot accidents are not usually as severe as ones that occur on streets or highways. But serious injuries can occur, including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and soft tissue injuries.  

What’s more, it’s particularly challenging to determine fault in parking lot crashes. That’s why it’s so important to treat parking lot crashes just as you would other types of accidents—being sure to call the police and seek medical attention.  

Why do parking lot crashes occur?  

Parking lot crashes occur for many reasons. Driver error often comes into play, like when someone fails to engage the parking brake or misjudges a turning radius. Other times, drivers are reckless, following too closely, backing up without looking, speeding or cutting across aisles through parking spots. Drivers will also engage in aggressive tactics to secure a spot or leave the lot quickly.  

According to the National Safety Council, distraction plays a major role in parking lot crashes. In a survey conducted with drivers in the U.S., 66 percent said they’d make calls while driving through a parking lot, and 63 percent said they’d program their GPS. Remarkably, 49 percent said they’d even take photos or watch videos while driving in a parking lot.  

Pedestrians face the worst outcomes from parking lot accidents, sometimes suffering from severe injuries when cars back into them, pin them in open spots, cut through aisles or fail to check crossings when turning. Along with other serious concerns, pedestrians may face: 

  • Pelvic fractures 
  • Lacerations 
  • Spinal or neck injuries 
  • Head injuries 
  • Shoulder displacement 

What to do after a parking lot crash 

After any parking lot crash, it’s important to check for injuries and call 911. If you need urgent medical care, accept it. Otherwise, stay on the scene, document the crash and get medical attention immediately afterward—even if you don’t suspect your injuries are serious.  

Because it can be challenging to determine fault in parking lot crashes, it’s important to avoid accepting blame or apologizing for what occurred if you were not at fault. Photographs of the scene and witness contact information may help your case if the other driver’s insurance company denies fault or offers a low-ball settlement. Compensation for parking lot crashes may include medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering.   

Because we all navigate parking lots regularly, it’s worth staying calm and following parking lot rules and posted speed limits at all times. Give pedestrians the right of way and triple-check for cars, carts, strollers or pedestrians anytime you’re backing up, never relying solely on your rear camera.  

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