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Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims are Different Than Car Accident Injury Claims

When people talk about car accidents, they often leave motorcycles out of the conversation. That can be attributed to a lot of reasons, but mostly it’s because there are just fewer motorcycles on the road than traditional cars or trucks. Motorcycles account for approximately 2% of registered vehicles but around 5% of all highway fatalities. 

When dealing with accident claims, insurance companies can seem like they’re leaving motorcycles out of the conversation, too. It’s not that they’re intentionally left out, but they are looked at through the lens of a “car” crash. But there are distinct differences between a motorcycle accident claim and an auto accident claim. 

  • The most glaring differences are also the most dangerous. Unlike car drivers, motorcyclists aren’t covered on all sides by protective metal, and they don’t have the benefits of a seatbelt or an airbag. Even a minor collision that would normally cause little more than a dent on a car or truck can send a motorcyclist flying off their bike.
  • Injuries, on average, are more serious for bikers than for car drivers. Physical damage from minor accidents can easily include brain trauma, second- or third-degree burns, and severe contusions. One reason that insurance companies view bikers differently is that it tends to take longer and cost more to treat and recover from these injuries.
  • More is also expected of motorcyclists. In addition to obeying the same laws of the road as automobile drivers, they must have extra safety equipment, and they deal with disparate licensing laws that vary by state. The expectations for personal injury claims are also more specific. To prove that they are entitled to a settlement, injured motorcycle riders must follow a separate timeline and set of criteria than those required of automobile occupants. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help mitigate bias and help identify the evidence necessary for a successful motorcycle driver injury claim.
  • Motorcycle insurance can also be complicated to interpret. Failure to notice minor details can lead to a losing settlement claim. Because there are typically fewer points of impact in motorcycle accidents than in car accidents, and there is less physical evidence on which to base a claim, proving what happened can be a tedious process. 

How The King Firm Can Help

Before you talk to an insurance company, contact The King Firm to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney who knows how to handle legal matters related to motorcycle accidents. Due to our extensive experience in motorcycle claims, we know how to navigate your insurance and identify all the information relevant to your claim.  We’re also skilled at finding the evidence you need to support your case because we know where to look. When your rightful settlement is on the line, don’t just go with anyone, go with The King Firm.  

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