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We’re excited to share an incredibly positive result that we earned for a client of ours who slipped inside of a Walmart. After turning down a settlement offer of $100,000 made late in the process, The King Firm took the case to trial where a federal jury awarded $250,000 to our client. An additional $9,000 was added to the sum after our firm filed a separate claim for frivolous litigation against Walmart and won. 

After shopping with her son, our client slipped in water that appeared to be left over from the floor scrubber as she turned a corner. She tried to maintain her balance by grabbing the cart. Instead of falling to the ground, she suffered a fracture of her thumb from clenching the handle. After undergoing surgery, she even developed a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) infection that kept her in the hospital for several days.

The Walmart in Tifton, Georgia tried to deny wrongdoing despite their on-duty manager stating the water looked like it came from the floor scrubber. We knew the right thing to do was to stand up to this large corporation, so that’s exactly what we did. We used our experience and knowledge to prove the damages that our client suffered, and in the end, the jury agreed with our side.

Get the full details on this case to see how The King Firm fought for justice and came out on top against one of America’s largest companies, and if you or a family member gets hurt, reach out to us immediately at 229-515-8585 for a free case consultation.

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