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Why Is It So Difficult Dealing with the Insurance Company After a Crash?

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Car Accidents

Most people know that after a car accident, there is a potential for legal action that allows the injured individual to seek compensation for the damages they have sustained. However, not everyone is aware of the involvement of both parties’ insurance companies.

Unfortunately, this is something that can present a number of complications that must be worked through in order to help the injured party get the outcome they desire. Here are some things that make working with the insurance company a difficult part of the car accident claim.

The Insurance Company Is Focused On Profits

Despite the constant marketing by insurance companies in which they claim to care for people, it must be remembered that these are large corporations with a primary focus on their own profit. When you take legal action against them, you are going against large legal teams looking to limit your claim.

The insurance company aims to keep their own bottom line by limiting the amount of liability they accept on behalf of their policyholder. As such, they’re aiming to turn the case against you, put some of the fault on your, and make it so you appear to be the cause of the crash.

The Pursuit of a Recorded Statement

Following the car accident, the negligent party’s insurance company is likely to call out to you in hopes of getting a statement about the incident. They want to record this statement and compare it to your initial recollection of the accident.

If there are any discrepancies, the insurance company will try to use these statements against you. They want to minimize the amount they have to pay you or even avoid paying at all. You don’t have to give this recorded statement.

At The King Firm, we have a firm understanding of how the insurance companies like to operate and their tactics in denying claims as much as possible. As such, we keep our focus on helping the injured through the difficult matters that lie ahead.

Our South Georgia car accident attorneys are here for you when you need it most. Trust that your rights and best interests are at the top of our priority list. You deserve compensation and we’re here to help you pursue it.

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