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Insurance companies treat us differently.

Accidents are already traumatic, but when the person who is responsible denies fault or the insurance company puts up a fight, it can easily feel overwhelming. Fortunately, our experience with insurance companies means they treat us a bit differently than many personal injury attorneys. They know we have an inside understanding of their tactics and tricks, and they know we’ll go to court to get the best results for our clients. 

We’re dedicated to helping our neighbors in South Georgia secure the compensation they deserve. Each year, we recover millions for our clients, helping hard-working people get on with their lives.

If you call us, you’ll end up with more in your pocket. Even if you think your settlement offer is fair, we can confirm it to guarantee you’re getting the compensation you deserve.

Case Results

$2.75 M

Settlement of South Georgia Negligent Security Case

$450 K

Recovery for Man with Back Injury From Car Wreck

$259 K

For a woman injured in a Slip and Fall accident

$1.5 M

Man killed in Florida tractor accident

$4.95 M

Man killed in automobile accident

$775 K

Recovery for Lady Injured in Car Wreck

$11 M

Verdict for a sexual abuse victim

$10 M

For a woman killed in an automobile accident

$5.27 M

Jury verdict for man killed by a tractor-trailer driver

$1.2 M

Judgment following Jury Trial for Little Girl injured in South GA Wreck

$2.3 M

Federal Court Judgment for Church following jury trial with insurance company over roof damage

$2.25 M

Verdict for pedestrian struck by hit-and-run driver

$2.0 M

Elderly couple killed in tractor-trailer accident

$2.0 M

Trash truck hit by tractor-trailer

$1.85 M

Verdict for teacher attacked at school

$525 K

Products liability recovery

$400 K

Day care abuse case

$1.05 M

Man injured in Alabama automobile crash

$975 K

Man injured in unlawful police pursuit


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