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Negligent Security & Unsafe Premises


Negligent Security & Unsafe Premises


South Georgia Premises Liability Attorney

It is the responsibility of property owners across Georgia to ensure that their properties are reasonably maintained and kept in a condition that does not present a threat of harm to lawful visitors. When the negligence of a property owner leads to a tenant or visitor’s injury, the victim may have grounds to file a premises liability claim.

Premises liability law in Georgia

At The King Firm, we use our experience in South Georgia premises liability law to provide effective and trusted legal counsel for those who have been injured on another’s property.

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Negligent security vs. slip and fall claims

South Georgia property owners have a duty to protect tenants, visitors, and customers on their property from unreasonable dangers. When a property owner does not correct an unsafe condition and this leads to injury, the victim may have grounds for a premises liability claim. There are generally two primary types of claims that result from a property owner’s failure to protect others:

  • Negligent security claims
  • Slip and fall accident claims

The King Firm is experienced in representing clients in both categories in Tifton, Albany, Valdosta, and all of South Georgia.

Understanding negligent security claims

Many crime victims do not know that they may have a civil claim against the owner or occupier of the property where the crime occurred. The law places upon property owners and occupiers a greater duty to tenants, visitors, and customers to protect them not only from their own negligent conduct, but also from the criminal acts of others that cause personal injury. Victims of negligent security may suffer the tragic consequences of robbery, sexual assault, or shootings.

Negligent security cases may arise with respect to crimes committed at:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential centers
  • Mobile home parks
  • Motels
  • Shopping centers
  • Theme parks
  • Parking lots
  • Other unsupervised or poorly supervised properties

Oftentimes, these crimes could have been prevented if normal security measures had been in place. When investigating these cases, we obtain a criminal history of the location. Usually, a crime grid is available, which can give us access to all crimes that have occurred within a specific location. We also retain professionals and experts to evaluate the validity of a case and prove that a crime could have been prevented if normal security measures had been successfully implemented.

Slip and fall accident attorneys serving South Georgia

There are many different types of hazards that may present a risk of injury to a visitor on another’s property. When these cause a visitor to slip, trip, or fall, the property owner may be held legally accountable. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, the South Georgia premises liability attorneys at The King Firm can investigate your claim and determine whether the owner knew of the hazard and did not correct it.

Some examples of slip and fall hazards include:

  • Insufficient lighting
  • Slippery walkways
  • Loose stairs
  • Cracks and/or potholes in the ground
  • Foreign objects in walkways or aisles
  • Defective or missing railings
  • Spills
  • Building code violations

At our firm, we believe that no individual should have to suffer injury due to a property owner’s negligence. We strive to help our clients obtain the amount of compensation they deserve. Since 2005, we have successfully recovered significant settlements and verdicts for our clients.

When results matter, choose The King Firm

With our extensive civil trial experience, we are not afraid to take a case to court if we think this is the most effective way to help our client obtain just compensation. In addition, we handle most of our cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no fees unless we recover compensation on our client’s behalf.

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